Engraved Pocket Watches: Personalised Gifts for Him


Engraved Pocket Watches: Personalised Gifts for Him

Giving presents is an old custom of human beings… as early as our presence in the world!

Our cavemen ancestors employed to provide presents to demonstrate appreciation, love. A tribe pioneer used to provide gifts to his clan members that were part of any excellent achievement.

What were the presents?

It might be a remarkably shaped stone, tree bark or animal enamel.

In bygone era personal contributions of betrothals were awarded as dowries that ranged from coins to valuable metals and other things.

engraved pocket watch

As instruments grown, came the notion of engraved gifts.

The same as an engraved pocket watch along with other collectible items we present now, during the early period (500,000 years back ) engraved stone presents were offered to rulers and gods.

Why Can People Engrave?

Among the aims of engraving would be to document background.

Such scarabs were often inscribed with the names of pharaohs along with other imperial persons.

Below are a few findings…


We feel joyful. Interestingly, it’s discovered that it attracts more joy to the giver than the receiver. The full process of thinking, study and last decision entails time, energy and budgeting also. All the time throughout the exercise we’ve got the intended receiver in mind.

By way of instance, if you’re considering devoting something to your spouse, boyfriend, dad, uncle, mentor or who over you wish to provide, all of the time you recall the individual, his character, enjoys, options while picking the ideal present. Can it be an engraved wristwatch, collectible pocket watch, champagne gifts, pocket gear or anything.

Elevated Frame of Mind

We feel satisfied, better, and having a feeling of purpose.

Gifting enhances connection, and a sense of a mutual bond both involving the giver and the recipient. This enhances our condition of being.

Research states that this releases endorphins, the chemical activating a favorable sense, very similar to morphine, (especially today with the choice of an assortment of gifts with simple engraving option available where we get a opportunity to inscribe our private messages also .

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