Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review


Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch Review

Among the fastest growing markets in fitness and health today are watches. The latest age of wearable tech brings in some quite impressive physical fitness gadgets, and also the Fitbit Surge is on very top of its class. In this article a seasoned Surge wearer will provide the down low with this particular fitness superwatch.


The Fitbit Surge has abilities like GPS monitoring, constant wrist heart rate tracking, exercise tracking, and sleep tracking, all packed to the operational and sleek watch design.

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The Way That It Stands Out

The heart rate monitor is among the very first of its type to provide continuous, and incredibly precise heart rate monitoring with no usage of any distinct chest strap. The spike also boasts an extremely exact and useful daily measure, calorie, altitude, and distance calculator.

A stick out attribute for your Surge is its own multi sport capacity to monitor the consumers exercise metrics through numerous kinds of action, such as trekking, biking, jogging, rowing, weightlifting, biking, and a lot more. The battery lasts several days per week depending on how frequently the consumers monitors their workouts and the total design itself is sleek and trendy for fitness fans.

What Needs Improvement

The principal issue that appears with long term usage of this Fitbit Surge is skin irritation from repeated wear. The Surge band requires washing every other day so as to make certain that bacteria doesn’t build up on the ring. That is a general problem across a number of different varieties of gym and watches, and is readily mitigated by washing the ring every time you take off it.

The Surge is a magnificent piece of wearable technologies that actually can inspire its wearer to work out and monitor their progress. It makes monitoring your exercise and everyday life simple enough, so any individual can make the ideal type of modifications with their lifestyle so as to stay healthier. As an additional bonus, together with the Fitbit program integration, users may add different buddies who use Fitbit technology and input weekly and daily physical fitness challenges that boosts morale through friendly rivalry. Finally the Fitbit is a good way to motivate yourself to work out and live a healthy life, while enjoying it and becoming far more educated than you’d be otherwise.

All in all, the Fitbit Surge is a fitness merchandise before any other in its own class, also well worth the cash for any individual who cares about fitness within their lifetime. It doesn’t require a fitness enthusiast to maximize what this watch can perform, it was constructed for everybody.

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