Google SmartWatch – What Is In Store for 2014?


Google SmartWatch – What Is In Store for 2014?

With an increasing number of people going health-conscious nowadays, Google hopped on the bandwagon with its smartwatches which will shortly launch in the marketplace this season.

All these Android watches are all equipped with voice controllers which can monitor heart action; connect with smart phones, tablet computers, and much more.

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A couple of weeks ago, Google revealed its strategy to make watches as well as other’wearable’ computing devices which are going to be running beneath their favorite Android working systems. Throughout the Android Wear Developer Preview, Google said that it might start the smartwatch to program developers who’d be interested in creating techie programs due to their watches.

The Android Wear endeavor is Google’s response to the rising demand for wearable computing devices. The information came around because the rumor mill demonstrated that there are lots of speculations about Apple’s strategy to make additional wearable computing devices and additionally an iOS smartwatch because of its faithful followers.

Not too long ago, LG expressed that it might present its own G Watch, the very first Android watch over the next quarter of the year. In precisely the exact same vein, Motorola also mentioned its flagship Moto 360 Android watch that is up for launch this summer.

Fossil, a large retail manufacturer name that produces high-quality watches, watches, and accessories also declared it is closely working together with Google on producing these new exciting Android apparatus. The general public will shortly be informed concerning the coming release of this Moto 360 smartwatch. Google also made it into this information as it said intends to market Motorola into Lenovo – a favorite China-based smartphones and computers maker.

In Google’s movie website, they recently revealed individuals, that are talking for their smartwatches since they listen to audio, check sports scores, and send responses to SMS messages, and also open a car garage at home via a simple voice command.

With tech’s ultra speedy moves, a lot of men and women feel that smartwatches and wearable computing devices is going to be the upcoming huge thing. Samsung took the direct and marketed the general public its smartwatches, nevertheless Samsung’s achievement is yet to be called customers are only beginning to get the hang of the smartwatches. All these Android smartwatches will establish a wireless link with their cellular phones with the assistance of different detectors. The apparatus will have the ability to accommodate to Android programs which may help monitor fitness and health of the wearer such as heart rate or perhaps space lately jogged.

The Google Glass is a little, almost exactly the size of a postage screen that is fitted into a set of eye-glass frames. This small but quite strong device can get your email, record a videoclip, provide wearers driving directions, and assist them recover information on the internet simply by connecting wirelessly into the wearer’s smartphone. This new invention is fulfilled with criticisms and people detest as individuals raise questions on privacy in addition to result to some more tumultuous driving effort which can further result in automobile accidents and deaths.

Google Glass is both a publication and cool concept, even though there are numerous men and women that are accountable for the breakthrough and of course the likely unwanted side effects it might bring about down the street.

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