Movado Watches Series 800 – The Supreme Luxury Sports Watch


Movado Watches Series 800 – The Supreme Luxury Sports Watch

For over 125 years that the Movado firm have been producing watches. For most of the time they also have been winning awards because of their mythical watches. All these timepieces have been connected to the best of motions and precision that Swiss watches are renowned for. Movado has just established a new set of watches, the Movado Series 800. This variety is the best in luxury sports watches and is offered in both mens and ladies watches.

The Movado 800 Series was designed especially to appeal to the younger market searching for a much more functional luxury watch, the ones that are working to buy a watch at the 500 -$1500 range, along with the Movado watch proprietor who’s searching for a sports watch.

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The Movado dot is now emblematic of Movado watches also pays homage to the very famous Movado Museum Series.

* functionality steel, a high grade of stainless steel, is employed in the creation of those watches for even greater durability and durability. The very low nickel content within this surgical steel caliber provides enhanced hypoallergenicity.

This view will endure any collapse into a swimming pool.

* wrist bands can be found in either black Thermoresin, which includes inbuilt UV protection, or even the stainless steel bracelet. Both wrists have a fold over security bar in the clasp for extra safety whilst engaging in active interests. The stainless steel necklaces arrive equipped with a diver deployment clasp which enables your eye to be worn securely over your wetsuit.

* variety of coloured watch faces to match your personal style which range from traditional white or black through to the sporty red, yellow, and blue.

* chronograph watches can be found in the 800 Series and will add extra elegance together with the extra plus of split second time. The 3 additional round dials on the surface of the watch will permit you to time your own personal bests in minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds.

* screw down the crown to offer a more water resistant view.

* Swiss quartz movement for precise timekeeping, which can be true to 60 seconds each year.

* 1 way, or unidirectional rotating bezel for much more precise record of passed time.

* wave textured dial and a wave contoured confront keep the mythical Movado sleek and smart watch design.

* two year Movado warranty.

The Movado Series 800 watch is the most recent range from a business that has prided themselves on winning over 200 awards at the watch market. Complex creativity together with Swiss precision and higher end luxury is the final result.

The Movado Series 800 is fantastic for the individual looking for the mix of a eye-catching luxury watch together with all the practicalities of a sports opinion. Strap one of those Movado watches into your wrist and leave it there.

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