Samsung Gear S3 VS Gear S2: A Side by Side Comparison


Samsung Gear S3 VS Gear S2: A Side by Side Comparison

Samsung has only disclosed its smartwatch, the Gear S3 together with its two variations, Vintage and Frontier. The fresher model includes some amazing features and makes many improvements on last season’s watches. Here, we’re likely to compare the two exceptional watches so that you are able to analyse better that you to store and which to discount.

Variants Replies:

To begin with, let us talk about the variations of both of these great smartwatches. The two Gear S3 and S2 include two different and special layouts. In general, there’s absolutely no difference between the 2 kinds, except its own strap weight and style and Frontier using LTE built-in.

Design Replies:

The plan of Samsung Gear S3 is tasteful, unique, and rocky but it isn’t suited to girls because of its larger size and wrist styling. Samsung Gear S3 Classic variant look is almost like the LG Watch Urbane compared to S2 Classic.
In general, S3 includes a dress watch fashion in contrast with S2, which appears similar to a sports watch because of the stylish plastic curves. The rubber strap was updated with a leather strap along with a 22 millimeter pin in a metallic frame like the S2 Classic.

It’s more faithful to compare the S3 Classic using all the S2 Classic, that includes a standard 20 millimeter leather band. On the other hand, the S2 Vintage smartwatch provides more visual attributes in contrast with the S3 Frontier. Frontier edition of S3 is much more sporty, as stated by most individuals.

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Size Comparison:

46mm size is far too large for the people with smaller wrists. While on the flip side, Gear S2 has been the bigger ones.

Weight Replies:

As a result of its larger size and weight, S3 isn’t suited to the people with smaller wrists. And it won’t entice girls either.

Display Replies:

The display size of the Samsung Gear S3 versions is bigger than its predecessors. Though the larger screen size is suitable to read but in addition, it raises the overall dimensions and the burden in addition to reduce the pixel density of this apparatus, which isn’t very good in any way. Since the body weight increased as much as 30 percent in the present version compared to prior versions, the screen size has also been improved by 15 percent. So far as screen material is concerned, the two Samsung watches utilize Corning Gorilla Glass. The S3 utilizes the SR+ combination, which can be more damage resistant.

In contrast, S3 can exhibit more on its Always-On screen, which also retains colour undamaged instead of visiting grayscale and provides the ideal customisation.

Performance Comparison:

It provides 50% extra battery and memory comparing with its own predecessor.

Battery Replies:

Now let us come to a few of the most essential factors of any gadget apparatus, the batterylife. But, it might vary based on the use of this apparatus.

Software Comparison:

In the event you encounter the Samsung Gear S3’s operating system then you’ll be aware it is the same as was busy on the S2 smartwatch, but now it’s possible to twist the bezel to take or cancel calls and there are a number of minor visual modifications. According to the producer, the two devices are compatible with both Android and iOS.

Cost Comparison:

The fundamental version of Gear S2 prices 299 USD, along with the S2 Classic can be obtained at 349 USD. Throughout a well-reputed searching motor; you may get your favorite smartwatch in the least expensive cost whilst cutting on the extra taxes and charges. These kinds of cost check resources supply the best prices in the best retailers of any specific site.

Other Characteristics Comparison:

Water Resistance

The two smartwatches are totally water-resistant and supply great protection from splashingrain, and water fall with IP68 dust & watertight score. IP68 water resistance means that you can set it below the water up to a meter deep and to get optimum 30 minutes. It’s much superior compared to Apple watch that can not be worn out in rain or while swimmingpool.

Wireless Charging

Both versions of Samsung smartwatch encourage charging.


Contrary to Gear S2, mic and speaker are all pre-installed in S3 which allow you to call more openly.

GPS & Connectivity

GPS is only active from the 3G versions of this Samsung Gear S2. Inversely, all of the S3 versions have built-in GPS. Additionally, the Frontier edition of S3 has built in 3G/LTE connectivity, which means that you can make and receive calls in addition to check other tasks without so much as using the telephone.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was inserted in the Gear series because 2016. On the other hand, the 2015 versions were NFC-only, so retailers were needed to utilize an excess NFC scanner to get accept payments. The 2016 versions have both NFC and MST technologies, and so you can store from anywhere. While performing online shopping, attempt to compare costs for receiving the cheapest prices.

Last Words:

And so picking a one up between these two isn’t a simple choice to make. Though S3 is constructed with some wonderful new features, but it’s also somewhat bulky and because of the larger size it is not well suited to the people with smaller wrists. At first appearance, it seems like that the S3 is made just for men. On the flip side, S2 includes a perfect dimensions and contains all the significant characteristics of a well-equipped smartwatch. However, it does not offer LTE. So it might be well worth spending a while to compare prices and features of these two watches and pick a one based on your own preferences.

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